United Nations

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Posted in Travel Guide on Oct 05, 2017

World Political Center, matchbox-shaped Secretariat building and the flag of more than 200 member States.
Introduction of scenic spots
The land at United Nations Headquarters is the international territory and consists of four buildings in the Secretariat Building, the conference hall building, the General Assembly Hall and the Hammarskjöld Library. The visit needs to be booked in advance, the “knot pistol” sculpture in the square symbolizes the peace aspiration of the people of the world. Postcards can be purchased at souvenir shops and stamped with the United Nations postmark.
Visits to the building need to be checked, and the Assembly Hall of the Parliament building is the place where representatives of United Nations Member States vote and where the highest rate of mirrors is at United Nations Headquarters. The council chamber is much smaller than the General Assembly Hall. The corridor wall of the building is hung with pictures of the secretaries-General and can be photographed outside the guardrail. After visiting the corridor, we can visit the hall, which is the largest room in the United Nations, with various gifts from member States.
Special Tips
1. Every day, guided tours are arranged at United Nations Headquarters, with Chinese guides, but only once a week, in advance of the official website to check the Chinese tour time. The starting point of the guided tour is in the public lobby of the General Assembly and explaining the work of the United Nations and related organizations to visitors.
2. Some of the parliamentary venues may be closed due to the closure of the meeting, and visitors are required to be prepared.
3. Visitors to the United Nations Headquarters shall not wear sleeveless clothes and shorts, and no liquids shall enter, and large packages need to be deposited.

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