Times Square travel guide

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Posted in New York on Sep 27, 2017

Times Square

Scenic spot introduction
Times Square is the landmark of New York, a triangular area of Seventh Avenue and Broadway. High rises, shops, and nearly 40 shopping malls and theaters. As night fell, a large array of neon signs and LED screens opened, lights lit up, and every screen played commercials and commercials around the world.
Here, regardless of the day, there are tourists from all over the world come to visit the street, tourists, foreign languages interspersed among them, everywhere is crowded street performances.
The annual New Year’s countdown, is the busiest time for Times Square, from the afternoon to the queue for admission to the new year, at the moment, the tourists from all over the world will be celebrating, is an unforgettable memories.

Times Square

hot tip
1. square will be someone accosted, selling so-called “own record”, ignore and touch, otherwise, will be asked to spend $10-20 to buy a fake inferior CD.
2. ask for a tip when you take a picture with someone wearing a cartoon figure.
Here 3. all-weather crowded, should pay attention to keep your valuables, and relatives and friends from action to avoid.
4., there are police patrols around the square, sentry, if in trouble, but timely help.

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