Museum of American Finance11.14.17

Display many of the early U.S. monetary, stock and other financial exhibits, often held a variety of activities.

Museum of American Finance

Museum of American Finance

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The American Financial Museum, also known as the American Museum of Financial History, was founded in 1988 at 48th Wall Street, New York City, USA. It is the only public museum in the United States, affiliated to the Smithsonian Institution, to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and democratic free market tradition. These ideas have prompted New York to be called the world financial capital. The pavilion is chartered as an educational institution. Today, financial education is the most important task of the American Financial Museum. September 2007 completed interior decoration. January 2008 External.
The museum showcases many of the early American financial exhibits such as money and equities, as well as a number of specific activities, such as the “weight of value” opening cocktail party, strolling on holiday Wall Street, dialogue with the world’s leading jeweller Sydney Mobell artists, and so on.
Museum stores in the American Financial Museum are the only financial-themed museum stores in the United States. You’ll find it exciting to choose a specialty product here. Books and clothing from artwork to decorative items are all related to finance, history and the New York theme.

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