Mount Carmel Cathedral Travel Guide10.05.17

Saipan’s largest church, is a popular wedding photography, can see the magnificent sunset.

Mount Carmel Cathedral

Introduction of scenic spots

The Carmel Catholic Cathedral on the south-west coast of Saipan Island was built during the Spanish rule, and the white building now seen was rebuilt after World War II, the largest of the Saipan and the only Catholic Church accredited by the Vatican Pope. Now it has become a popular wedding place.

Mount Carmel Cathedral


The outside of the church was magnificent, and there was a statue of the Virgin Baby Jesus in front of her. The garden is full of all kinds of gorgeous flowers, very pleasing to the eye. The church in the blue sky is exceptionally solemn.

Mount Carmel Cathedral


The interior of the church is quiet and beautifully decorated. In front of the white walls are the statues of Jesus and the Apostles, as well as the exquisite murals. The altar was carpeted with red, adding a sense of nobility to the church. The glass window around the wall reflects the colorful light, giving the feeling of a quiet moment of heart. In a corner of the church there was a statue of Jesus lying in repose, with a wound in his chest, and a mournful stare. In addition, the Church has an organ and a confessional cabin.

Mount Carmel Cathedral

The interior of the church was very deep, with rows of red wooden benches. The church in the sunset is the most beautiful, at this time standing in front of the church, overlooking the sea, blowing the face of the sea breeze, accompanied by the sunset, this scene must be very memorable.

Mount Carmel Cathedral


Although the interior of the church is very beautiful, but because of the excessive number of tourists photographed, disturbed to pray, now the interior is not open to tourists.

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