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The world famous sculpture, to this and red love to a photo.

Love Sculpture

Love Sculpture

Introduction of scenic spots
The love sculpture in New York is at the intersection of 55 Street and Sixth Avenue in Midtown, the work of Robert Indiana, an American artist. He superimposed lo above the ve, forming a square structure, and the letter o was gently pushed down, leaning against the L.
The sculpture is a symbol of the American spirit, and it was first placed in Philadelphia, the central square of the Independent Palace, which signed the Declaration of Independence. Two years later, it was moved to the Kennedy Memorial Park near the city Hall, becoming a famous landmark in Philadelphia, and the park was called Love Park.
Since then, with the red Love in Philadelphia as a template, many American cities and famous universities have copied love sculptures. New York, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and so on have love in the bustling streets, quiet campus or museum before the door of the eye-catching stand.
Today, this sculpture is not only located in the United States, it has long been in Taipei, Madrid, Shanghai, Tokyo, Jerusalem and other metropolitan areas. The love sculpture in New York is often found in films and TV dramas, and it has become a popular place to take photos, especially Valentine’s Day. If you come to New York, you can also take a photo with this red statue.

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