Grand Central Terminal10.10.17

The busiest train station in the United States, the fine Public Art museum, the film and television drama popular framing.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal

Introduction of scenic spots
The central station was built in 1903, the vaulted dome of the station is a magnificent hall, marble staircase, the sky map murals, Roman stone pillars and classical statues are decorated the railway station into a palace of fine art. Even if not to take the train, the world’s rare museum-like station is worth your visit.
In the hall you can see a lot of people looking up and watching, this is the station’s most attractive mural murals, by the French artist Paul César Helleu according to the medieval manuscripts to draw the 12 palace, a total of more than 2,500 stars, the 1930s has been a result of peeling and redrawing. The most interesting thing is that the sky map is reversed, it is said that this is the artist’s genius wonderful thought, that is, from the perspective of God.
The magnificent station Hall has also become a frequent visitor to the American film and television dramas, one of the protagonist of the Gossip Girl Serena’s debut in the Arctic.
Special Tips
1. The horoscope is shown every half hour at 11:00-21:00 every day, about 5 minutes each.
2. On the ground floor of the station is the food square, there are many well-known American restaurant chains and popular snacks.

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