The birthplace of New York’s famous boulevard, the American theater and musical theatre, the entertainment center of the song and Dance Arts.
Introduction of scenic spots
Broadway is an important north-south road to the New York, known for its crowds of opera houses. Broadway is the most lively, most crowded place is with Times Square intersection, every day here theaters will be the classic opera “Phantom of the Opera”, “Lion King”, “bad witch” and so on.
In addition to Xiacheng District, New York’s streets are flat vertical, with only Broadway crooked from the Riverside docks of Manhattan’s Xiacheng District, through the bustling downtown and quiet residences, through skyscrapers and lined walkways, to the vast hinterland of the northwest New York State.
Visit Guide:
Want to take a good stroll this avenue can be the center of Times Square, the southernmost end of the road is Battery Park, which has a famous Fort Clinton, from here to enter the Broadway Avenue. On Broadway There are Wall Street copper bulls representing New York’s financial industry, and copper cows pass through federal buildings, New York City halls and Chinatown. Times Square is a Columbus Circle North, and this is the Central Park, which passes through the Upper West side of the rich to reach the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.
Special Tips
1. Tickets can be purchased through the website of the repertoire, or purchased from the New York government website at www. nycgo. com, and want a good position to buy one months or half a month ahead of schedule.
2. Every afternoon the ticket office (TKTS) at Times Square will be sold at a very low price for the remainder of the day.
3. When watching the performance, the handset should be tuned to mute mode, which prohibits taking pictures or photographing.


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