Lincoln Center

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Posted in Travel Guide on Nov 07, 2017

The world’s largest art venue, New York’s art performance Center.

Introduction of scenic spots
Lincoln Center consists of the New York State Theater, Metropolitan Opera House and Evelly Fisher Concert Hall Three theater, each theater is the artist’s heart “highest performance hall.” You can take an hour of Team tour to visit the pavilion and backstage, also can enjoy a fantastic performance.
This was a slum in New York before the Lincoln Center was built, and the Rockefeller family spent 168 million dollars to make it an art resort. New York State Theater is the New York Ballet Troupe’s performance, the classic play “Walnut clip”, “Swan Lake” and so on often staged here. Metropolitan Opera House is the United States Ballet and Metropolitan Opera in the venue, the famous vocal singers Pavarotti, Carreras have been here a voice. The Evelly Fisher Concert Hall is the New York Philharmonic’s performance venue, the Chinese cellist Ma is a frequent visitor.
Lincoln Center Annual Lincoln Festival brings together the world’s best performers and the top performing team, then you will enjoy the modern dance, ballet, opera, drama, concerts and other performances of the various forms of wonderful performances.
Special Tips
Get the latest performance information at any time to pay attention to the official website.

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