LauLau Beach Tour guide

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Posted in Saipan on Oct 05, 2017

Saipan famous diving spots, can see a variety of fish.

LauLau Beach

Introduction of scenic spots

The beach is located at the tip of the Saipan East end of Lloyds Bay, a famous dive spot for divers of all levels. You can see all kinds of fish in this dive.

LauLau Beach

Go to the road

The road to the beach is not trimmed, and when it rains, it will be muddy and difficult to travel. But the fish are rich and can see all kinds of fishes, and when diving can meet with the double saw, it attracts divers from low to high levels.

LauLau Beach

Terrain and Environment

The terrain is interlaced and complex, with many arched lots formed by overlapping coral and rock. In addition, the depth of 3-15 meters here, beginners and senior divers can come to play. The most interesting place is the Clown Fish Castle, the clown looks funny fish and tourists very close, even stay in the palm of the visitors do not walk. It also meets the Dragon King’s Seabream, sea turtles and sharks.

LauLau Beach

This is the highlight of the trip to Saipan, Labor Bay Cliff above, the United States Top ten Villas Design Award, 6 years to create a fairyland Villa ~ Fresh water Treatment system. In this first rowing canoe to sea, experienced 3 meters &5 m cliff jump, here snorkeling as much as the warship island, can say better ~ coral reefs, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and all kinds of fish that do not know the name of … Beautiful sunset, American BBQ, flying write full of the wish of the lantern … The end of the trip to Saipan!

LauLau Beach

Special Tips

Watch out for sun protection on the beach.

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