Jeffrey’s Beach, Saipan, travel guide

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Posted in Saipan on Oct 05, 2017

Take subtraction photos of the side face rocks on the beach.
Jeffrey's Beach, Saipan
Introduction of scenic spots
The side face Beach is located in the east of Saipan Island, not far from the crocodile Head Beach, is a concave-shaped small gap on the coastline. The rock on the right side of the beach resembles a person’s side face, where you can take an interesting subtraction photo.
Jeffrey's Beach, Saipan
There is no beach on the side of the beach, through the jungle, at the foot of the volcanic eruption of the black sand left behind. The seawater is coming in, scouring the black gravel, making the gravel shiny in the sea.
Jeffrey's Beach, Saipan
This is because of the seawater intrusion, so the sea water is very gentle relative to the turbulent waves in the nearby Crocodile Beach. You can stand in the middle of the rock on both sides of the barefoot water, but also with the side of the nose to the tip of the nose, you can also put a fist on his nose, or finger at the tip of his nose to shoot interesting subtraction pictures.
Jeffrey's Beach, Saipan

In addition, in the face of the Pacific Ocean on the left side of the cliff there is a golf course, you can imagine the swing of the ball here is how hearty.

Jeffrey's Beach, Saipan

Special Tips

1. If you are with the regiment, it should be noted that not all jungle expeditions include this site, and you need to ask the local travel agency or the site for registration.

2. Because of the wading, it is recommended to wear non-slip sandals.

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