Coney Island

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Posted in Travel Guide on Nov 17, 2017

Bask in the sun during the day and take a Ferris wheel in the Interstellar space park to enjoy the seaside scenery.

Introduction of scenic spots
Coney is a peninsula in Brooklyn, New York City, originally an island, and its Atlantic-facing beaches are an American-renowned recreation area.
The name of Coney Island came first from the map drawn by the Dutch immigrant Chohannas Fingoburn (Johannes vingboon) in 1639. He marked the name of the island in Dutch. He wrote the “Rabbit Island” method in Dutch spelling as Konijn Eiland (Rabbit Island). After the Civil War, Coney was developed into a holiday resort. Between the 1860-1870 ‘s, the range of rail transport reached Coney Island. Next, the ferry routes are also open. If there is a way, there will be some business to do, and money to make. The island began to build large hotels, followed by racecourse, amusement park and other recreational facilities were set up, casinos, the sex industry also began to relocate Coney Island. In the early 20th century, the steam railway began to electrification and was connected to the Manhattan area via the Brooklyn Bridge. As a result, for New Yorkers, Coney again from the resort development into a convenient summer resort.
When it comes to Coney Island, it’s natural to say “Nathan”, a famous hot dog shop. Nathan’s Hot Dog contest and hot dog big stomach King Game (Nathan S Dog eating Contest). Nathan opened a guest in Coney Island in 1916. In the past hundred years, “Nathan” the scale of the operation of the larger, the chain is more open more. However, “Nathan” has a hot dog big stomach king game on Coney Island on July 4 every year. Every year the hot Dog Eating contest is first held in the preliminary round, the last election of the 20 big stomach king in Coney Island’s “Nathan” shop to the final.
The island also hosts a mermaid parade every year. Every June, the first Saturday after the summer solstice, Coney is also a day of New York officially open ocean swimming, and Coney Island will hold a summer mermaid parade. Hundreds of thousands of volunteer participants, dressed in their carefully crafted costumes, dress up as King Neptune, God, the various forms of the mermaid, and all kinds of marine life. From the boardwalk on the wooden plank road, all the way to enjoy the performance, around the streets. After the parade, the music, the dance, the street show, as well as the bone dong cars and other open-air exhibitions to entertain.
There is also a very popular place on Coney Island, the Interstellar Space Park, which attracts countless visitors, especially children, with its mega-entertainment facilities.

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