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Photo Coffee Travel Mugs Pictures In The World Park09.16.12

Photo Coffee Travel Mugs Pictures In The World Park  

World Park In Fengtai District Huaxiang Greater Fort Station. It Is a Blend Of More Than 100 Of The Nearly 50 Countries Around The World Famous Cultural And Natural Landscape, According To The Original Scene Or Miniature Replica, a Large Proportion Of Asia’s Largest Miniature Landscape Park. Such As: The Egyptian Pyramids, The Sphinx, The Great Wall Of China, Notre Dame, Etc. Can Be Seen Here. Do Not Have To Go Abroad To The King’s Name All Over The World Can Enjoy.
Visitors On a Tour, Not Only Can Watch The King’s Name All Over The World To Enjoy The National Customs, And Still Taste Exotic Cuisine.

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2012 World Park Photo Travel Coffee Mugs09.16.12

2012 World Park Photo Travel Coffee Mugs

If Monuments To Shopping Underwhelmed, Covered With The Miniature Landscape Park Of Attractions Around The World To This Be Regarded As a Special Flavor.
Since It Is a Miniature Landscape, It Is Not True, So The Mood Is Not Very Excited.
Inside Environment Is Very Good, Is Divided Into Several Scenic Spots In Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe, The Americas, The World Famous Miniature Body Can Be Seen Here, Such As The Great Wall, The Sydney Opera House, The Pyramids, The Eiffel Tower, The Statue Of Liberty And So On.
Photographed These Miniature Landscape Is a Good Choice, Imaginary Yourself To These Places Really.
Eat Inside The International Street, Unattractive.
The Drawback Is Far From Downtown, But a Direct Bus.

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2012 Newest Design Photo Travel Mugs Of World Park Pictures09.16.12

2012 Newest Design Photo Travel Mugs Of World Park Pictures

Want To See The Most Famous Attractions In The World, It Seems i Can Only Come To This.

The Scaled-Down Version Of The World-Famous Attractions, Some Shrink Intuit Small Point. But Looks Still Very Beautiful.

Only To See a Ratio Of 1:1, Turkey Trojan Horse. Do Not Know That The Horse Is Doing, “Baidu” Finally Know.

What Impressed Me Most Is The Pyramid. How Fall Is So High Ah!

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2012 The World Park Photo Travel Mug09.16.12

2012 The World Park Photo Travel Mug

Entered The Gates Of The Park, And The Face Is Wide And Magnificent Italian Terrace Garden, Then Clockwise Into The Scenic Spots In Asia, First Met Katsura Imperial Villa In Japan, Followed By a Chinese Garden Voiceless Throughout, The Great Wall, Mogao Grottoes, Should County Wooden Pagodapersepolis Palace Ruins (Iran),, The Borobudur (India), Babylon Door (Iraq), Taj Mahal (India), Yangon (Myanmar), The Shwedagon Pagoda, Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Thailand Grand Palace

Across The Sydney Tieqiao Enter “Australia” Then, You Can Watch The The Thatched Cottages Maori (New Zealand), Sydney Opera House (Australia)

Then Enter The African Desert, Patrol To See African Tribes, Sphinx (Egypt), The Pyramids Of Giza (Egypt), Abu Maxim Bell Temple (Egypt) The Karnak (Greece) And The Lighthouse Of Alexandria (Egypt)

Over The Bosphorus Bridge Into Europe “, Can Enjoy The Trojans (Turkey), St. Sophia Cathedral (Ukraine), Acropolis (Greece), The Colosseum (Italy), Pisa Oblique Tower (Italy), St. Peter’s Cathedral (Russia), They Swim To The Arc De Triomphe (France), The Center Of The Park, Followed By Tour The Cloth Straight Sale Citizens Attractions (Belgium), German Castle, The Eiffel Tower (France), Notre Dame Big Ben (Uk)

Walk Through The Tower Bridge, We Enter The “Americas”, In Turn You Can See The Space Center Of The United States, The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, The White House, The Capitol, Manhattan, New York And The Statue Of Liberty Through The Grand Canyon (Usa), a Step Over The Golden Gate Bridge (Usa), To The Chinese Zodiac Like To See The Windmills Of The Netherlands, But Also Age Support Yang German Musician Chopin Like Mozart Paternity, Can Also See The Warsaw Mermaid “, And Finally Arrives In Moscow’s Red Square

Roaming The World In One Week, To The International Street Shopping, Snacks, Open, Lamenting That The World Really Wonderful Enlightened

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Personalized Photo Coffee Travel Mugs Of World Park Picture09.16.12

 Personalized Photo Coffee Travel Mugs Of World Park Picture

Wanted To Go To The World Around The Circle But Do Not Have The Money. Here China’s “Great Wall”, “Residential” Troy Trojan Paris “Eiffel Tower” …… “Manhattan Island”, Which Is An Economically Developed Island, Blocks Of High-Rise Buildings Have Sprung Up On The Island. Each Building Has 20 Layers, Walk Through The The Senior Car In The Road, Pier, Dock Sizes Sails, White Sails Traveling On The Sea, The Island Work Fine, After The Movie, i Really Like Been Like That Island.
Leave Manhattan Island, Went To Egypt “Sphinx” And “Pyramid” Visit The Pyramid In Front Of a “Sphinx”, Lying There Motionless, As If To Greet The Guests Like . To Face With One Of The Wonderful Wonders, i Can Not Help But Praise: “It’s Magnificent Ah!”
a Sunset Mood With Reluctantly Left. But Here, The Growth Of Knowledge, Broaden Their Horizons, Really Day Explore The World Ah!

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The World Park Photo Insert Travel Mug09.16.12

The World Park Photo Insert Travel Mug

Around The Famous Attractions In Miniature Bit Funny. . a Child To Feel Like a Fairy Tale Kingdom, Particularly Beautiful Especially a Few Days Before The United States ~ With Partner Came Here, i Really Do. . How Do You Say, i Feel a Little Shame, a Lot Of Buildings Out In The Rain And The Wind Paint Faded, Gray Dark Zeze, Down a Bit Like Sites: (Some Corners Of The Park Simply Become Dead Ends Of The Piled Garbage And Planks, Walking 10 Minutes a Trash Road No Places To Eat, There Will Be Countless Hawkers Passing Souvenirs Promenade Lobbying Chasing You, People Upset, The Elephant Show Only Specialty, Poor Like Forced To a Visitors (Of Which There Are a Lot Of Big Fat Nose Lift), It Can Not Lift Will Be Waiting To Make Money On The Animal Trainer Fiercely Pumping a Whip, i Was Uncomfortable Not Left Early .

This Is The Legendary World Park, i Would Rather Stroll Dongdan Garden, At Least Where No Tickets.

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drum tower at night World Travel pics08.03.11

drum tower at night World Travel pics

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reflection of sheep World Travel photos08.03.11

reflection of sheep World Travel photos

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China Fenghuang – Riverside tourism photos08.03.11

China Fenghuang – Riverside tourism photos

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restaurant on canal World Travel photos08.03.11

restaurant on canal World Travel photos

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