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The Grotto tourist guide09.30.17

Saipan diving mecca, dive to the seabed can see colorful tropical fish and aquatic animals.

Address:The Grotto, Grotto Dr, Saipan 96950

The Grotto tourist guide

Introduction of scenic spots

The Grotto at the northeast corner of Saipan Island, Blue Hole is a natural cave connected to the Pacific Ocean, a cave dive site. Sea water flashing cat-like blue, the heart of the electro-optic blue water plus natural bell milk Beautiful.
internal and external environment
The Blue Hole looks like an open mouth dolphin, inside is a huge bell-hole, Blue hole inside there are two natural swimming pools, through the sea channel to connect the outer ocean, light from the open water through the waterway into the hole, the blue Hole in the water pool to reveal a light blue luster, quite beautiful, this thorough heart of the electro-optic blue is also the origin of Blue hole name. This is an unparalleled experience for experienced deep-sea divers, so it is known as the world’s second largest cave dive, after Belize’s Blue hole.

The Grotto
Diving conditions
Blue Hole Water depth 17 meters, the deepest reaches 47 meters, therefore, here only has the Aow diving card The talented person can dive deeply. But there is no proof of the person, can be under the leadership of the coach to carry out experience-style snorkeling. Here the deep dive of people with the majority of Japanese people, there are some Europeans, the general tourists in addition to see, is simply snorkeling, because there is no diving license, few tourists to this deep dive.
If you have a diving license, you can enter the blue hole through the Letsdiveguam Dive Club.
From the top down to the Blue hole to pass 100 multi-level small stone paved steps, some notches, steeper, and very slippery, the best wear non-slip shoes, wear cold drag, you must help stabilize the stairs or pull the rope down. At the bottom, you will see a blue sea of water in the cave. in which, due to the tidal wave effect, sometimes the water in the cave is calm and waves, sometimes undulating, so in the cave whether swimming or diving should be particularly careful.
Put away
Special Tips

1. Blue Hole of the water is very cold, if the launch, the proposal slowly down, do not jump into the water in order to avoid cramps.
2. The steps down to the bottom of the blue hole are very steep and slippery, and are recommended to wear non-slip sandals, which must be pulled from the railing or rope of the roadside.
3. If a girl is determined to snorkel or swim, the swimsuit can be dressed in advance so that there is no need to find a place to change clothes temporarily.

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Managaha Island travel guide09.30.17

Saipan must-visit attractions, experience snorkeling and the island’s various thrilling entertainment projects.

Managaha Island travel guide

Managaha Island

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Address:Managaha Island, Saipan 96950

Introduction of scenic spots

Without going to the warship Island, it’s no real trip to Saipan. Warship Island is located on the west side of Saipan Island, 10 minutes by boat can be reached, is a must go to Saipan tourism attractions. The sea is blue, the best snorkeling. Sunshine Beach, can also experience a variety of exciting water sports, such as the seabed stroll, surfing and so on.
Surrounding environment
The island is small, and it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk around the island for a week. The whole island is surrounded by silver-white beaches, and the surrounding sea-covered coral reefs are refracted by sunlight, changing their magical colours. The island is full of green tropical plants, warships island’s water is very clear, in this deep dive can also have the opportunity to see the large sunken ship, the hull surrounded by colorful soft coral, colorful fish shuttling in the meantime, breathtaking.
Distribution & Considerations
The island is basically divided into three areas, the area on one side of the pier, where there are lifeguards. Here for the first time snorkeling, more people, this side of the fish is not particularly much. From the dock side to the north, is a large white beach, where a lot of free chairs in the shade for the rest of the visitors. Go around the island to the other side, is also a snorkeling place, where the water is not deep, at most there is no waist. Water clear fish more coral beautiful, but need to note that here coral are hard bones, do not stand on the coral, it is easy to slip down injured.
Visitors with no conditions to dive can choose water entertainment or sightseeing submarines, as well as stunning views. The center of the warship Island is tropical vegetation and restaurant area, there is a small bar can buy drinks, rent diving supplies, and barbecue, you can dine here.
Notice to the island
On the island on the island to pay 5 U.S. dollars, plus the speedboat to return $20 per person, a total of about $25. There is no limit to the time of stay on the island, but four o’clock in the afternoon close the island. The island can be free to use beach seats, snorkeling, small refrigerators, beach volleyball. Special reminder: The warship Island snorkeling is free, but some agent company wants to charge 20-30 US dollars.
In addition, on the island can also carry on the water motorboat, the towing umbrella, the surfer, the skiing, the banana boat, but must not miss the warship island most popular activity seabed stroll, as long as wears the special space cap, can be placed in 3-5 meters of seabed and the fish dances. Visitors can use the camera to take this rare picture.

Special Tips

1. Because the advantage of the warship island is relatively large, so after swimming will feel relatively cold, you can take the bath towel on the hotel room.
2. The swimsuit can be dressed in advance so that there is no need for a temporary change of clothes in place.
3. It is recommended that you bring some bottled drinking water, or you can take some food to eat on the island, of course, there are about $20 a buffet on the island.
4. There is no lifeguard in most of the area of the warship Island, and snorkeling must be put on a life jacket.
5. With sunscreen products, do a good job in sunscreen.
6. The island has a simple health, if the coral scratch can help you anti-inflammatory anti-virus, very effective.
7. Warship Island at its own expense and reference price: Beauty Sightseeing Submarine $87, the seabed stroll $65, sea umbrella $65, water activities si 155 U.S. dollars, deep-sea fishing 70 dollars.

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The Museum of Modern Art09.30.17

The world’s most famous museum of contemporary art and appreciation of Monet, Van Gogh and other artists masterpieces.
Scenic spot introduction
The Museum of modern art in New York, referred to as MoMA, is the cultural symbol of New York. Monet “Lotus”, “starry night”, “Van Gogh Matisse,” Avignon dance “Picasso girls” and other masterpieces, and sculpture, printmaking, photography, furniture, art and other modern art devices up to 150 thousand.

The Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art

The two floor of the Museum of modern art is the cinema, with 6 floors upstairs. The exhibition is divided into painting, printmaking, photography, sketching, architecture and design, installation, art, sculpture, and special exhibitions. There is an information desk in the lobby. You can request a Chinese map. In addition, you can rent a video guide free of charge at one or five voice guides, providing a Chinese version. A layer of plants around the courtyard outside the venue, the main exhibition of contemporary sculpture artists.
After the visit in may wish to “The MoMA Design Store souvenir shop” to buy art accessories, T-Shirts, bags, umbrellas, ornaments and other art and design will be integrated into the life.
hot tip
1. special exhibitions will be held irregularly at the museum, and more information can be obtained from the website before visiting.
2. 16:00-20:00 visits are free every Friday.
3.. No self timer shot is forbidden in this hall.

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Fifth Avenue09.30.17

World famous high-end commercial street, “dream Street”, Hollywood movie in the “money worship” resort.
Scenic spot introduction
The Manhattan Fifth Avenue is one of the most popular north-south Main Street, the whole street covers the New York will go to the attractions and top department store, a collection of numerous global luxury boutiques and flagship stores, haute couture, jewelry, electronic products and other everything, extravagant, every day attracts visitors from around the world come to.

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

Scenic spot
The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art and so on
Top department store
Podolf Goodman (Bergdorf, Goodman), Sax, Fifth Avenue (Saks, Fifth, Avenue), etc.
Luxury goods
Prada, Hermes, Chanel, LV, Cartire, Versace, Tiffany
Electronic product
Apple retail store, VERTU flagship store, etc.
hot tip
1., Fifth Avenue is a way to celebrate the activities of the people of New York, the route, fortunately, will be able to catch up with the parade, performing activities, very lively, at this time on the avenue is the prohibition of car access.
2. Fifth Avenue Yourenruzhi, take care of your valuables.

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Central Park09.29.17

New York back garden, oasis in the big city, a good place for outdoor recreation.
Scenic spot introduction
Central Park is located in the center of Manhattan, with an area of 3 million 400 thousand square meters. The park is 93 kilometers long. It is a quiet and relaxing place in the busy city of New York. The park is full of lakes and forests. It has zoos, sports places and recreational facilities, and spends a whole day wandering around.

Central Park

Central Park

Recommended routes and attractions
1. there are two great lakes, larger Reservoir, small The Lake, including two large lakes located in the lawn between Great Lawn and The Lake is located in the south of the sheep meadow.
2., the entrance to the southwest corner of the park is the famous Columbo ring. The entrance to the southeast corner of the park is Grand Army Plaza. It can take a sightseeing carriage tour, and it takes about half an hour or so for about 100 dollars.
3. Wollman Ice Skating Rink in the southeast corner, skating rink in winter and small casino in summer. North is the zoo, mainly displaying tropical rain forests, Arctic Circle, California these three climatic zones of animals.
4. of the most famous attractions is the Central Park Lake Bethesda Terrace and Bethesda fountain, the west side of the lake is strawberry fields forever, the teardrop shape hill John Lennon’s widow, bought in honor of her deceased husband, has become a lot of fans of the holy land, people often come to the flowers every year, when there will be a large commemorative anniversary of Lennon activity.
5. the park is near the middle of the park. It’s Belvedere Castle. It’s the highest point of the park. It’s a good place to go up and down.
6., the park in the north to a large lawn, forest based, relatively southern, more clean and pleasant, less visitors.
hot tip
1., a large area of the park, it is recommended to wear comfortable sports shoes, leisurely and carefree to enjoy the oasis.
2. night, there will be Rangers in the park, it is recommended to go during the day; in the early morning and evening after entering the park, it is recommended to take the main road, try not to go to the corner or path of less people.
3., the park will often have the performance of street performers, the official will organize some large-scale performance activities, you can check the official website in advance.
4. there are a lot of hot dogs in the park. I’d like to try some of New York’s specialties here.
5. American Museum of Natural History on the west side of the park, the east side of the corresponding Metropolitan Museum of Art, are very worth visiting.
6. green and lake there are many small animals, please love to watch.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art09.29.17

One of the three major museums in the world, with three million treasures in the world, New York will visit the scenic spots.
Scenic spot introduction

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art was built in 1870, located in the beautiful environment of the Central Park, and with British Museum, Le Louvre Museum and called the world’s three largest museum. The museum has four floors, with a collection of 3 million 300 thousand pieces, covering precious cultural relics and works of art in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe, Asia and other places. It is worth a whole day to visit and taste.
Egypt exhibition hall
On the first floor, the biggest attraction here is the The Temple of Dendur, which moved from the whole of egypt.
Lehman collection
Located on the first floor, is an independent circular Pavilion, which has a collection of 14-20 century European paintings and decorations, very beautiful.
China Exhibition Hall
Located in the two floor, in addition to each period of porcelain, one to one copy of the Suzhou gardens, people like exposure to Suzhou.
European painting exhibition hall
Located on the two floor, the most popular is Monet and Van Gogh’s artworks, in pictures after to sit down and quietly enjoy the work of masters.
hot tip
1., Metropolitan Museum of Art is very big, it is recommended to do homework in advance, you can download the museum APP, advance understanding of floor distribution and must see the collection.
2., the explanation is 7 dollars, provide Chinese explanation.
3. museums are prohibited from carrying food and beverages, but bottled water is available.
4., the museum can not use flash photography, but also prohibit the use of cameras and self timer.
5. in the gallery you can only use a pencil to copy.
6. unless all announcements are made, all exhibition rooms are allowed to use baby carriages.
7. buy tickets after the sticker on the obvious place for staff to check.
The 8. branches of the Metropolitan Museum of the monastery is far from the city, on the same day tickets for free to visit metropolitan.
9., the stone steps at the entrance of the museum are the shooting scenes of the American drama “Gossip Girl”. Buy a cup of coffee, eat a hot dog, and experience a life on the upper east side of Girl.

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Empire State Building Travel Guide09.27.17

Overlooking the New York and enjoy the night view of the best viewing sites, a number of film and television drama viewfinder.

Address:350 5th Ave, New York, NY 10118

Empire State Building


The 444-meter-tall Empire State Building stands in Manhattan Island in New York City and is a symbol and symbol of New York and the United States. As a landmark in New York, the Empire State Building is famous for its unique landscapes. Visitors are located on the 86th and 102th floor of the observatory. See the skyline of Manhattan and enjoy the 360-degree views of New York City. Tourist destination for tourists.

86-story viewing platform:
Indoor and outdoor viewing platform, located on the 86th floor, 1,050 feet (320 meters) from the ground level, optional voice navigation in eight languages ​​including Mandarin. This is the tallest observatory in New York. Visit the Empire State Building, 86th floor of the open-air viewing platform, feel the world center and the top of the world pleasure. As the world’s most famous viewing platform, 86 floor viewing platform has been used as a number of movies and TV series, as well as countless private pictures of the background. The viewing platform is centered around the steeple of the building and offers 360-degree panoramic views of New York and the wider area. From here you will enjoy the unique Central Park, the Hudson River and the East River, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and other landscapes. Our multimedia handheld devices can guide you from all directions. But also the use of our high-performance binoculars to obtain a clearer vision.

102-story viewing platform
The indoor viewing platform, located on the 102nd floor, is 1,250 feet (381 meters) from the ground.

In 2016, in order to provide visitors with detailed exhibitions and a full range of beauty, to lead visitors to enjoy the history of this building for nearly a hundred years, the Empire State Building Observatory officially launched its new mobile side navigation APP, and provide free WIFI for visitors to download The The browser is divided into Chinese and English versions, designed to allow visitors around the world according to their language needs to download and learn more about the content. Chinese visitors can search the “Imperial Building” directly in the Apple Store to get the Chinese version, Andrews system users can also be downloaded through Google Play, the browser can provide standard Mandarin voice to explain the service.

Visitors to the Empire State Building, the multimedia equipment will be through the audio and video to guide them to enjoy the four regions: “energy-saving” exhibition hall, “dare to dream” exhibition hall, and ultimately to the Empire State Building, the famous 86-story viewing platform and 102-story viewing platform The System applications both interesting and knowledge, visitors can enjoy the equipment on the Empire Building, video and pictures, but also can participate in the Empire Building Knowledge Q & A activities, not only that, for the convenience from the Empire State Building viewing platform overlooking the city Other attractions of the tourists a more comprehensive understanding of New York, the browser also set up a famous New York City attractions details of the introduction. I believe that through such a convenient multimedia experience, visitors will be the Empire State Building, history, and its unshakable international status have a more profound understanding. Still hesitant what, quickly to the Imperial Tower viewing platform experience it!

Empire State Building  HD pictures

Hot tip
1. suggest the best time to visit: 8 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, or 11 in the evening after the New York trip.
2. The Empire State Building has only one main entrance, between the 33-34 street of Fifth Avenue in New York and the entrance to the disabled on 34 street.
3. all visitors are required to pass the security check. All glass items, camera / camera shelves, alcoholic beverages and pop top are forbidden to enter The Empire State Building. At the same time, The Empire State Building does not have a special area for storing personal belongings, so it is recommended to carry belongings with you when you visit.
4. every Thursday, five or six from 21 p.m. to 24 a.m. performance in the 86 layer of saxophone, visitors can dance with the beautiful romantic music, is the best time.
5. guests can choose to pay for the framed The Empire State Building photo taken to commemorate the summit of The Empire State Building in New York.
6., for the Chinese tourists, The Empire State Building also provides special free commemorative official certificate in Chinese and English versions of The Empire State Building. After the tour, Chinese tourists can receive the tickets and passports at the first level information desk, each of which is the only number, and is accompanied by the signature of the director of the observatory at the The Empire State Building, which has the value of collection and commemoration.

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Times Square travel guide09.27.17

Times Square

Scenic spot introduction
Times Square is the landmark of New York, a triangular area of Seventh Avenue and Broadway. High rises, shops, and nearly 40 shopping malls and theaters. As night fell, a large array of neon signs and LED screens opened, lights lit up, and every screen played commercials and commercials around the world.
Here, regardless of the day, there are tourists from all over the world come to visit the street, tourists, foreign languages interspersed among them, everywhere is crowded street performances.
The annual New Year’s countdown, is the busiest time for Times Square, from the afternoon to the queue for admission to the new year, at the moment, the tourists from all over the world will be celebrating, is an unforgettable memories.

Times Square

hot tip
1. square will be someone accosted, selling so-called “own record”, ignore and touch, otherwise, will be asked to spend $10-20 to buy a fake inferior CD.
2. ask for a tip when you take a picture with someone wearing a cartoon figure.
Here 3. all-weather crowded, should pay attention to keep your valuables, and relatives and friends from action to avoid.
4., there are police patrols around the square, sentry, if in trouble, but timely help.

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Statue of Liberty09.27.17

Statue of Liberty

Scenic spot introduction
Statue of Liberty was a gift from France in 1876 to the United States, 100th anniversary, known as the symbol of the United states. The statue of liberty, dressed in an ancient Greek costume, wore a radiant crown. The seven pointed figures symbolize the seven continents of the world, and the right hand carries a torch symbolizing freedom, which is 12 meters long. Especially in the evening, the light shines more sacred.
Ferry route
Starting from Battery Park: Battery Park – Liberty Island – Ellis Island – Battery Park
Starting from free State Park: Liberty State Park – Ellis Island – Liberty Island – Liberty State Park
(since the two routes are different from those on the free Island, it is recommended to remember the location of the pier on the island so as not to go wrong on the wrong boat during the return trip.)

hot tip
1. Statue Cruises tickets in the tourist season, you need to make reservations a few months in advance, remember to print electronic tickets.
2., in order to prevent terrorist attacks, before boarding the island, to undergo security checks, and in the rush season, coupled with queuing and other vessels may be more than 2 hours, the need for reasonable arrangements for travel time.
3., in the event of weather, Statue of Liberty will be closed, cruise flights will be canceled, and pay attention to the weather when we visit.
4. in view of the position and angle of the statue of liberty boat, recommend morning to afternoon, because photography will encounter backlighting problems.
5. ashore, you can go to the left hand side of the Audio Tour to receive Chinese voice tour.
6. on the free Island, you can also receive the certificate of Liberty (electronic version), just register a family name (Family Name) and e-mail, the staff will send the PDF version of the certificate to your mailbox.
If you just want to watch the distant 7. goddess, can take to Staten Island (The Staten Island Ferry) free shuttle ferry, go stand on the right side of the hull to the best viewing channel, such as the Staten Island after don’t want to stay, but along with everyone running to catch a boat to return to Manhattan.

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